Almost every bike needs to be carried on a car at some point, whether the riders are roadies, tourers, mountain bikers or active families. BUZZ RACK, Taiwan’s award-winning specialist car racks manufacturer, has a wide range of innovative, easy to use and well priced tow bar mounted car racks to suit all bike types including E-Bikes & Fat Bikes.

There are many good reasons for carrying bikes on a tow bar rather than on a car roof – quicker and easier fitting of both rack and bikes, much less strain on your back, less noise and less drag, no mud on the roof. There are tilting tow bar carriers for if you want to access the car boot during the journey.

BUZZ RACK tow bar carriers fit all types of 50 mm tow ball – 2 bolt flange / « bolt on », « swan neck » / continental style, removable hitch, folding.

BUZZ RACK is manufactured by King Rack of Taiwan, a specialist bike sector engineering company since 1996. Their factory is state of the art, with much of their production being tube bending, specialist welding and finishing for well known brands.

BuzzRack bike racks are a well designed robust rack that are really simple to fit to the rear of your vehicle. After testing the BuzzRack carriers extensively we have established that they are in a completely different league from their competitors.



King Rack is an ISO 9001 certificated company. ISO 9001:2008. It is supplemented by two other standards: ISO 9000:2005 and ISO 9004:2009. 
         TUV NORD
CERTIFICATE of conformity                                TAIPEI AMPA                                           CHAMPION OF OTHERS
                                                                     2007 Recognizes & honors                      Taiwan Bicycle Exporters Association


Our patents are an exclusive right granted for our inventions, which are used on our products or production process. We always try to find new technology or solutions for our products and update accordingly.

The patented cam lever attachment system fits onto all ISO 50mm diameter tow balls. With micro tuning button to adjust the inner dimension. Simple, fast and secure.

 The inner cams of the conic system are adjustable to fit the tow ball diameter, and the end holds the tow ball neck like a talon. It provides convenience and a secure link. Fits 50 mm towballs.

Our folding attachment system is used on most of our two arms type carriers. The arms easily fold down when not in use to enhance  safety and save space.

Hitch locks are designed to stop thieves from stealing your bike carrier or other hitch mount items. A hitch lock keeps your bike carrier and the receiver together until you unlock it with a key.

Super convenient bike lock hidden in the vertical tube. Pull the cable out and around the bike frame tubing then insert it into the lock.

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These are for when your equipment obscures your vehicle's number plate and can be attached to your bike carrier etc. Available online at for less than $20

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