Almost every bike needs to be carried on a car at some point, whether the riders are roadies, tourers, mountain bikers or active families. BUZZ RACK, Taiwan’s award-winning specialist car racks manufacturer, has a wide range of innovative, easy to use and well priced car racks to suit all bike types including E-Bikes & Fat Bikes.

BUZZ RACK tow bar carriers fit all types of tow ball – bolt on,  swan neck, continental style, removable hitch, folding.

BuzzRack bike racks are a well designed robust rack that are really simple to fit to the rear of your vehicle. After testing the BuzzRack carriers extensively we are confident that you will get years of satisfaction.

Please Note:  To avoid damage to both your bikes and your vehicle make sure the down-weight limit of the bar is more than the combined weight of the bikes and rack.


Shipment UPDATE...

GREAT NEWS!!! Here now 

We still have a limited supply of the hugely successful E-Scorpion 2 e-bike carriers available for delivery from May 11. We were very lucky to be able to double our order before they left Taiwan, but do not delay if you want the best bike carrier on the market. Pilot strap on and Pilot 4X4 also back in stock.

If you require any information at all...Please don't hesitate to contact us on 0274324050 or 0279183408 (as opposed to the store landline number)              OR,

14.05.20 UPDATE

We can get you these great racks several ways at the moment.
1/ Click and Collect
2/ Click and Ship
3/ Purchase in store, card cash or beer
4/ Others....depending on the situation below
Finally we can get back to 'sort of normal' business. Like everyone, we were waiting for the government to make their announcement about level 2 to get more of an idea of  where we will be placed. While the new level 2 conditions have given some clarity, we will still have to work through the finer details!


Supplementary Plates are for when your equipment obscures your vehicle's number plate and can be attached to your bike carrier etc. Available online at for approx $22