Blizzard Firebird Jr

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The new Firebird JR is a fast ski for little speed fans with plenty of potential for their first ski school races.

With the right ski, progress will be swift and translate into podium places. This is a great performance package, where the ski construction and binding system are perfectly geared towards children.

Target; Kids, Groomed, Beginner, Short Turn, Slow to Medium Speed.

Composite construction

Length: 90cm,  Tip 102, Waist: 67, Tail: 89, Radius: 5M

Length: 140cm, Tip 106, Waist: 67, Tail: 95, Radius: 12M


Blizzard/Marker FDT Jr 4.5

DIN: 0.5 - 4.5

Plate System: FDT JUNIOR RTL PLATE S(70-120 )/ L(130-140)