BRBL Polar Ski Socks

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For Ultimate comfort, blister prevention, highest slope performance increase and thermo-regulation.

Using unique BearZones & BearTubes, as well as some very clever nanotechnology, these BRBL® socks provide moisture management, better oxygenation, anti-microbial technology and reinforced areas all to help improve endurance and control.

ThermoCool technology helps keep your feet warm when it's cold and cool when you're hot.

Perfect for advanced skiing and snowboarding on the most challenging slopes, terrain and altitudes

55% Nylon
36% Polyester
 7%  Polypropylene
 2%  Elastane

Available in sizes Small (35-38), Medium (39-42) and Large (43-46)

Made in Italy by Intersocks - One of the largest sock manufacturers in the world.