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New Model.

Limited Special

BUZZRACER series offer convenient mounting, user-friendly functions and compact storage. The ratchet cradle is the perfect solution to attach the bike frame. It is also a great solution for carbon frames as it does not apply pressure to the carbon tubes.

The BUZZRACER 3 is a really well designed, well engineered piece of kit; smart, sophisticated and very good value for money.

Also an excellent solution if you want to carry 2 bikes only with a lot of space between the 2.

Basic ergonomics

Very compact geometry but fits most bike sizes!

The bike fixing is designed to be quick and efficient.

The light weight makes the BUZZRACER 3  very easy to carry around, easy to fit and remove, and easy to load 3 bikes.

Key features of the BUZZRACER 3

Assembly: Even though it is not assembled, BUZZRACER 3 is very easy to put together.

Fitting to the car: When you first place the BUZZRACER 3 on the tow ball it supports itself – you can let go of it and it won’t fall to the ground. You’ll then take the weight again, spin the tightening knob until it’s tight, and lock it. BUZZRACK‘s carriers comply with the very exacting standard XPR-18-904-4 and therefore include an anti-sway tensioner; this has an integrated handle and 2 or 3 turns are usually sufficient. 

Holding the bike: The first step is to adjust the wheel support to accommodate the bike geometry. Once this is done, it will be very fast to install the bike next time you use the rack. The very special shape of the wheel supports help to hold the bike vertically while attaching the frame using the adjustable ratchet cradle.

Lighting system: The BUZZRACER 3 comes with a 7 pin lighting system.

Tilting: Tilting is easy, and is very well balanced even with a full load. The BUZZRACER 3 sits quite high on the tow ball, and the tilt function is optimised to prevent the lights from hitting the road surface, while still using the weight of the bikes to help bring the bike platform back to the level again in a controlled way. But this geometry doesn’t allow for some tall vertical tailgates to be opened – e.g. VW Transporter T5 and T6.

Carrying bikes

  • The wheel holders will accommodate all wheelbases, even small children’s bikes. You can reverse the wheel supports for the really small bikes.
  • The long wheel rubber-padded wheel straps hold tyres up to 3.25” wide.
  • The BUZZRACER 3 is entirely suitable for carbon frame bikes; the rubber-padded bike frame cradles rotate 360 degrees and, again using rubber-padded straps, they hold any type of tube firmly but gently.
  • The maximum permitted load is 60kg, with no bike weighing more than 20kg
  • Electric bikes up to 20kg may be carried, although the BUZZRACER series is not optimised for e-bikes (see E-Scorpion or E-Hornet for e-bikes); whatever bikes you have, always load the heaviest bikes nearest to the car
  • There is a built-in locking cable to secure your bikes; as usual with cable locks, it’s a deterrent only.

Other features and basic specifications

  • The patented conical fitting fits to all ISO 50 mm tow balls. (Does not fit to adaptable or 'Multi Ball' System).
  • Locks to the tow ball.
  • Anti Twist Plate included
  • The BUZZRACER 3 sits high on the tow ball, well clear of speed bumps and other hazards.
  • The build quality – tube bending, welding, rust proofing, painting, component quality, is exemplary. All tools you might need are provided.
  • All parts are replaceable.


Max number of bikes: 3
Max weight per bike: 20kg
Max load capacity: 60kg
Max tire size: 3.25″
Fits standard ISO 50mm tow ball
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 88 x 77 x 72 cm (24cm when folded)
(depth measured from the centre of the tow ball mount to the outside edge of the number plate holder).
Weight: 14.5kg
Integrated lighting board
Lighting board plug type: 7 pin
Bike carrier to tow ball lock
Bike carrier to bike lock