Connelly Carbon V 2017 & Sync + RTP



Hands down the best 34 mph ski on the market. The Carbon V is constructed with a light density polyurethane resin core and wrapped with 70% carbon, making it one of the lightest skis on the water. The carbon wrap also means a stiff flex pattern which translates into knock your socks off acceleration. Six V-shaped steps are molded into the hull for more efficient water flow. These steps create less wetted surface area, which means a faster, freer ride. A narrow tail lets the ski sit deep in the turns while a slightly wider tip provides surface area for a fluid non-critical turn. This ski is smooth, fast, early and forgiving. Exactly what tournament level, 34 mph skiers are looking for.



Connelly Advanced Profile Technology

Carbon/fiberglass composite
Pre-preg Carbon Tech Top
Closed cell polyurethane resin core
Hand tuned Acrylam base



 Patent pending Free Flex technology has erased the restrictions traditional baseplates put on a ski. Each boot is set in a supportive yet flexible Exolast and is mounted with our Dual Plate design. Where solid metal baseplates create dead spots, Sync boots allow your ski to flex and move as it was intended. Through the middle of a turn the Exolast support flexes with the ski ever so slightly, unnoticeable in the boot but very noticeable in the reaction of your ski. The seamless outer shell is set with a removable liner and the dual lace system pulls your foot back into the ergonomically shaped heel pocket. There has never been a better connection between you and your ski.


S (5-7), M (8-9), L (10-11), XL (12-13), XXL (13-14) You will need to order a left or right foot forward.

Ski is supplied with a Talon RTP. Talon rear boot available for more $$$$$.


65” / 165 cm

67” / 170 cm
69” / 175 cm


Viper Fin System with aluminum foil

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