Coolkayak Conger

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The  NEW Conger is a compact single sit on top recreational / fishing kayak for the whole family.


Very stable and easy to manoeuvre from the flat pond to the surf.

Throw it on the roof rack and head to your favourite fishing or paddling spot for a day out chillin'.

Features a spacious moulded seat area with an easy to reach hatch with an internal bag to keep your goodies in. Large rear tank well with elastic bungee and a right side paddle park near the moulded in side handles.


Length 295 cm

Width 78 cm

Height 38 cm

Weight 22 kg

Capacity 150 kg

Colours:  Order your colour choice for 2020/21 now!
Blue White Blue (SOLD OUT)
Red Yellow (SOLD OUT)
White Black Band (SOLD OUT)
Ocean Camo (SOLD OUT)
Lime White Blue (SOLD OUT)
Light Blue White Light Blue (SOLD OUT)