CoolKayak Kayak Trolley

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CoolKayak Sit On Top Kayak Trolley
Adjustable stand - Adjustable scupper prongs

Designed to quickly fit a sit on top kayak so you can transport it to the water and back.
Easy to assemble and put away for storage or fold up and put in the hold of your kayak when out on the water.
It has two adjustable sturdy prongs that slot through the scupper holes of the kayak holding it steady so no straps are required.
It can easily fit most sit on top kayaks by adjusting the width of the prongs to suit.
Includes an adjustable kick stand which makes placing the kayak onto the trolley easier.
The inflatable wheels are designed to for use on all terrain. The frame is made from a high grade aluminium alloy.


Adjustable scupper prongs to fit most kayaks – from 14-55cm
Adjustable kickstand – for easier loading
Foam pads to protect your kayak
‘No straps’ design
Wide rubber tyres
Collapsible, strong Aluminium frame
Quick and easy to put together