Dalbello IL Moro T ID Ski Boots

$598.00 $1,299.00

The Dalbello Il Moro T ID is a great freeride/park boot for strong skier who will be spending some time in the air, either in the park or off of monster cliffs.

The ID Pro Liner is the best in the business for getting you fit dialed in by being 100% heat moldable.

The liner has a wrapped tongue so you will not have any pressure from shin bang.

The full length shock absorbing footboard will keep all of your landings smooth and easy, no matter how big you go.


Used with Dalbello’s Cabrio Design/3 Piece Architecture boot models and featured in 5 KRYPTON series models. “WRAP” pattern innerboots feature a unique overlapping, foot wrapping design that does not include a conventional innerboot tongue. “WRAP” innerboots completely surround and envelop the foot for uniform foot hold with unmatched sensitivity and control.

  • Dynalink Foot Retention
  • Full Length Anti-Shock Footboard
  • HEM PU Shell Sublimated
  • Kinetc Response Tongue
  • Hyperband Freeflex Cuff
  • Double Wide Park Trekker Closure Buckle
  • Adjustable Flex
  • Adjustable Forward Lean
  • Two Interchangeable Tongues (Medium and Firm)
  • Best Fits a Medium to Narrow Forefoot, and Medium to Narrow Shaft of the Leg
  • ID liner fits wider than the traditional liners
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