Head V-Shape V2

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With the 2019 Head V-Shape V2 Ski, you get the perfect start. No matter when you start your skiing season, it will definitely be turn-friendly.

Thanks to its construction, you can easily and quickly improve. The V-Shape 2 Ski has a larger V, which makes turning easier and more dynamic. Its longer edge gives your carving swings more precision and control. You also have a lightweight ski under your feet. You can go up and down the mountain all day with less effort.

Product Features

LYT Tech Construction, ERA 3.0, Power Fiber Jacket Construction, Synthetic Core, Structured UHM C Base, Allride Rocker

Product Details

Sidecut: 128 / 70 / 108
Radius: 10.5@ 156, 1.2 @163, 12,4 @ Length 170
Plate: LYT Powerrail


Head PR 11 GW

The PR11 is a modular binding designed for skiers of all levels and all terrain. The binding features a heel with improved kinematics for enhanced boot-to-edge power transfer, a powerful stable toe and Full Diagonal boot release that guarantees supreme all-mountain performance with maximum safety. Add to this great flex and durability and you have the perfect allride binding. 

Din 3 - 11


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