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The 2020/21 Jobe Encore is a lightweight full Carbon layup ski with new bevel designs for stability and directional feedback for the skier. The bevel was designed to hold the ski in position so that intense angle can be generated.

The Encore has a full concave with two flat spots, making it faster on the water. Flat spots are flat areas of the ski under the bindings. One flat spot is for stability in the pre-turn phase and the other allows the ski to hook up faster out of the turn.

The fore-body design helps the ski make a sharper, more efficient turn which requires less input from the skier. Tail rocker (pivot to flat) allows the ski to complete the turn faster and more efficiently than ever before.

An adjustable tournament fin comes assembled on the ski.


  • 3 Stage flex pattern
  • PU core
  • Carbon composite lay up
  • UV gloss top
  • T fin & comp foil

Jobe Flex Boot and Adjustable RTP included

The 2020/21 Jobe Flex boot takes all the cues of a high end ski boot and tones it down, creating more comfort for the skier. Neoprene lined inner allows for easy entry and a comfortable fit, while a medium flex upper gives you feel around your ankle. A foam base allows for softness underfoot and a dual lace will help to hold you in adding the support around your foot you require for a quality ski.