Mares Cobia Mask and Snorkel Set


Mares Cobia Mask and Snorkel

 The Mares Cobia Mask and Snorkel set is an adult set made from 100% silicone and tempered glass, making this extremely good quality.

Fits a majority of adult faces, this is a popular pick due to the fact that the Mares Vento mask is super comfortable and has a easy adjustable strap.

The Mares Cobia mask has one piece of glass instead of the standard 2 pieces, this makes this mask have more vision because there is no frame in between your eyes.

The snorkel is also made from silicone and has a comfortable mouthpiece.

It has a purge valve at the bottom to allow water to be blown out and an anti splash top to minimize water getting in, you really cant go wrong!

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