Mares Ergo Splash Snorkel

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Ergo Splash

Anti-splash, semidry top with exhaust valve.
An ergonomically oriented silicone mouthpiece for an intuitive and user friendly experience.

Product Details

Code: 411480
Colours: black, clear, blue, red, yellow
NEW 2016 Colours: black/red, black/yellow, black/white, black/lime, (see Ergo Dry for new colours)

Product Features

- ERGONOMIC DESIGN: A new contoured design for effortless breathing and efficient movement for greater comfort are just some of our recently added features. The hydrodynamic shape reduces drag both under and on top of the water.

- ANTI-SPLASH TOP: Ergo models with the Anti-Splash Top provide an extremely efficient barrier against water entering the top of the snorkel. 

- PURGE VALVE SYSTEM: Versions with the lower Purge Valve System ensure quick and effective tube purging.

- FLEX CORRUGATED: Lower corrugated flex tube allows for any angle of use; the mouthpiece drops out of the way when not in use. During dives, you will never be disturbed by the snorkel knocking against your regulator.


 Will add NEW 2015-16 Splash photos soon: Black/Red, Black/Yellow, Black/Lime, Black/White