Mares Flexa 8.6.5 Dive Suit

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The intelligent family suits. Feel the difference

• 100% ultrastretch unparalled comfort
• Back protection system (BPS)
• Thermo plush inside

The Flexa family is the highest expression of Trilastic. Different thickness for different areas of the body. 100% ultrastretch of high quality neoprene. Unparalleled finish and attention to detail. Front zip with smooth neoprene flap for more comfort and isolation. New rubber tag custom closure and back zip puller. BPS:
an additional layer of neoprene stitched in the back provides additional comfort and thermal protection.

Flexa 8.6.5: code 412061

Trilastic is our distinctive marking, the symbol of Mares know-how in terms of Neoprene. At the start, Trilastic was identified with the idea of developing a dive suit with Neoprene sheets of different thicknesses.

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