Mares Phantom FV Spear Gun

$279.00 $359.00

Phantom FV

Single-piece speargun made of reinforced Nylon. Cuttlebone barrel and integrated shaft guide with special design for each barrel length to achieve perfect buoyancy. The material used absorbs vibrations to make the weapon noiseless. The highly-sensitive stainless steel trigger mechanism is also suitable for use with powerful dual slings. High performance 19-mm S-Power circular sling and articulated wishbone. Tempered 17-4PH stainless steel, 6-mm diameter shaft, single barb.

Available in 75 cm size (approx 90 long).

 Mares Phantom FV

Monocoque Nylon reinfroced with Fiber Glass.

Cuttlefish-shaped barrel.

Build-in shaft guide.

Ultra-high efficency band 17.5 mm diameter.

Shaft: tempered stainless steel 6 mm.

Wishbone: articulated.

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