Mares Rover 12 S Regulator

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Performance, reliability and simplicity

• Continuous no-fail reliability over time
• Four pre-oriented LP ports
• Oversized purge button

The balanced diaphragm first stage uses the Mares Tri‑material valve; the medium-size second stage features a cover made of soft material that makes it easy to push the purge button, even when wearing gloves. The latest technologies offer easy, natural, regular breathing.

Product Details

Code: 416166
Material: Technopolymer
First stage: Balanced diaphragm design

Second stage weight (g): 200

Total weight (g) INT: 1067

Second stage dimension: Medium
Oil/Dry cold water kit: Oil / Dry

LP Ports: 4 LP 3/8" UNF ports
Inhale pressure: 10.63
Inhale pos pressure: 0.00
Exhale pressure: 9.62
Ext work breathing: 1.15
Inhale work: 0.48
Pos inhale work: 0.00
Exhale work: 0.67
Pressure depth: diagram at 50m (165ft)
Pressure diagram: 220