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The Marker Free Ten is built with the same technology, performance, and protection as the heavier weight Royal Family Models. A DIN range of 3-10 is perfect for the smaller or less aggressive freeskier. The lightest binding of its kind, the Free Ten is designed around a minimum ski width of 76 mm.

Featuring Marker's Triple Pivot Compact Toe, sole holder rollers, and a gliding AFD the Free Ten offers all the retention and release capabilities Marker is known for.

The Freeride Brake sits up higher when the boot is engaged so you don't have to worry about catching the brakes when skiing or landing switch.

As with all of the other Royal Family bindings the Free Ten has a shorter, but wider platform to give modern skis torsional power and deeper flex than other binding brands.

 A great value binding, the Marker Free Ten is lightweight and durable.


  • 23mm Stand Height
  • Triple Pivot Compact Toe
  • Gliding AFD
  • Compact 2 Step-In Heel
  • Freeride Brake 85 or 100