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Rottefella NTN (New Telemark Norm) Freedom is designed with the backcountry Telemark skier in mind, and complements Rottefella Freeride, the binding for groomed trails. With the new addition, there is a Telemark binding from Rottefella for all types of skiers.

Technical facts

• Weight: Less than 1500 grams per pair
• Height: 25 mm
• Rotation point: 22 mm behind tip of boot
• Walking opening angle: 60 degrees
• Heel lifter: 35 mm and 65 mm
• Ski brake: standard 115 mm

Boot size large:
26.5 and up Scarpa/Crispi

26.0 and up Garmont/Scott

Telemark skiers are an extremely important target group for Rottefella. The NTN system has revolutionized free-heel skiing, and with Freedom, our binding range is complete. We constantly strive to develop our products, and Freedom is designed with our hearts and love for skiing.

Rottefella Freedom is lighter than a traditional Telemark binding, weighing in at less then 1.500 grams (or just over 3 lbs) per pair. In addition, its unique low-resistance walking mode and wide opening angle combine to make the joy of climbing to the top or letting it all our in virgin powder terrain even greater. Freedom also offers progressive resistance and is the perfect choice for anyone choosing to ski in loose snow or in mixed conditions, on and off the groomed trails.

The last couple of years, we have seen an increasing demand from skiers who wish to climb to the top to find the perfect runs, away from the lifts and gondolas.