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New Telemark Norm Bindings 

Increased lateral stability, edge control, and adjustable forward flex
NTN users experience immediate energy transfer from boot to edge. Plus, new spring technology provides an even and adjustable forward flex.

Adjustable binding position
Adjust the binding position +/-15mm along the mounting plate with no re-drilling. Three positions are available.
Easy in – Easy out

“Easy in” means you never have to bend over to put on your telemark binding again. With the grip of a ski pole, flick the lever open, step in, and push the lever back down.

Ski brake
The NTN binding comes equipped with an integrated ski brake. To fit 110mm wide or less skis. You need this to work on ski patrol or as a guide

X Wide brake available as spare part 125mm $139

Free pivot touring function
Flip the tour lever open for free-pivot touring. For steep climbing you can set the heel piece in an upright position

Symmetrical bindings
NTN bindings are symmetrical; no left or right ski. You will ride longer on sharp edges

Release function
The NTN binding has a sideways release system*. The springs in the NTN binding, with regards to release values, can be pre-tightened or reduced in tightness. You need this to work on ski patrol or as a guide.

Comes with Blue / Medium Tubes.
Red / Hard available as an accessory.

*The sideways release system of the NTN binding is not certified according to ISO standards.

NTN Freedide Large size
Fits boot size:
26.5 and up Scarpa/Crispi
26.0 and up Garmont

See for specifications etc