Volkl Flair 75 Skis

$799.00 $899.00

The specially harmonized models take advantage of proven Völkl technology. Light weights and Tip Rocker profiles for an enhanced playfulness.

A softer, more forgiving ski for intermediate level skiers, the Flair 75 features the tech you need to feel confident and improve. Lightweight construction makes these skis very easy to manoeuvre, and the softer flex allows you to engage the camber properly to improve your carving performance.

Tip rocker enhances turn initiation and helps to prevent tip catching, so you feel more confident to really engage your edges properly and let the ski do the turning. 


Driving skills: Ambitious, professional
Terrain: 100% On-Piste, 10% Off-Piste
Core: WoodCore Light
Technology: XTD PROGRESSive Technology
Binding Included: Marker 4Motion, DIN 3-10
Rocker: Tip Rocker


Length Radius Sidecut
141 10.6 120_75_105
147 11.4 120_75_105
153 12.8 120_75_105
159 13.7 120_75_105
166 15.2 120_75_105



// When a rocker ski is going straight ahead the middle section concentrate the pressure on the snow making it significantly easier to turn than a cambered ski.

// Cambered skis are bent “into shape” by the weight of the rider, with the curve following the prescribed radius. This curved shape is always present in the rocker ski, so initiating turns is inherently easier.  

// As the ski is put on edge its effective edge length extends – the greater the angle, the higher the stability.

// The length of the edge grows as needed, automatically getting longer in the steeps.

// For a rocker shape to function, it requires harmonization of the structure, sidecut and binding position.

// Because the rocker ski involves a significantly softer transition into an angled position and curves are significantly easier to initiate, both novice and advanced skiers benefit from the turned-up shape.

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