Weissenfels M43

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Self-tensioning and self-centering 9 mm chain by means of two automatic ratchets. Designed for modern cars with low clearance. Ratchets help eliminate loose chain from damaging the mechanical parts of the car.

Maximum driving comfort.

  • Reduced height links in high quality, case-hardened steel.
  • Faster and easier pre-tensioning and self-centring device equipped with finger protection.
  • Clack&Go™ technology. Patented.
  • Without any parts that cut across the rim.

Also known as Clack and Go New, Formula

Maximum inside clearence 9 mm

Self tensioning devices 2 - With Clack & Go technology

ABS compatible Yes

ESP compatible Yes

Size 12 Tyre size
215/65-16 225/40-19 225/60-16 225/70-15 235/50-17 245/45-17 245/50-16 245/60-15 255/35-18 265/50-15

See: http://www.weissenfels.com/en/solution-finder for size charts

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