WhispBar WB201 Bike Carrier

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The Awesome WhispBar Bike Carrier

Sleek and smart, this frame mount bike rack applies precise clamping pressure to fasten your bicycle without the need to remove the front wheel.

See the 'WB201 x 2 buy' if you want 2. We will supply with the same lock barrels in both racks, ship for FREE to main centres* and give you a discount.




5.1 kg

1 Bike
406-457 mm barspread = 15.9 kg (max)
458-1066 mm barspread = 20 kg (max)



The sleekest and smartest bicycle mount of its kind, using SmartHold technology it automatically applies precise clamping pressure to fasten your bicycle without the need to remove the front wheel. A single lock secures the bike and carrier to the vehicle, ensuring your valuable equipment stays safe.

  • SmartHold self-adjusting frame clamp applies appropriate clamping pressure to secure bike and protect frame
  • SmartHold design self-adjusts to all downtube shapes, sizes, and materials
  • QuickDock technology mounts in seconds to all Whispbar rack systems
  • Includes Integrated Lock System (ILS). Lock your rack and accessories simply with one key for all your Whispbar & Yakima product. Matching cores can be purchased for a small fee.
  • Locks come standard, compatible with other Whispbar & Yakima accessories. 
  • ISO 9001
  • All Whispbar products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Quick Dock System

Not only are Whispbar accessories beautiful, they’re intelligent as well.

Whispbar accessories are designed with integrated QuickDock™ technology, which lock soundly to your crossbars without the need of tools or the least bit of hassle.

Never has it been so quick and easy to change from sport to sport, or easily remove your accessories when they’re not in use.

An elegant solution to the rack accessory status quo, Whispbar transforms your rack to a complete accessory system that seamlessly integrates with your vehicle.

See also at http://www.whispbar.co.nz/

* These are too long for rural delivery so we can send to business addresses in Main Centers Only.