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This is by far the best on the market!!! 

Modelled on the best selling Yakima FatCat 6 & upgraded to easily fit most of the aero roof bars available. 

(Yakima, Prorack & Whispbar are the same company) 

Whispbar WB300 Ski and Snowboard Carrier 

The Whispbar WB300 Ski and Snowboard Carrier offers a sleek, low profile design that is effortless to install and use. Travel to the mountain in style with this premium ski and snowboard accessory. 

Safely handles six pairs of fat skis or four snowboards, or a combination of the two 
Silver anodized finish and low-profile automotive design to enhance the look of your automobile and rack system 
Mounting hardware with over-molded stainless steel strap fits securely onto most factory and aerodynamic crossbars without tools 
Includes tool-free T-slot hardware for a sleek profile on Whispbar system or other aerodynamic T-slot bars 
Proprietary hinge system to accommodate modern fat skis and boards 
Integrated lift mechanism allows rooftop clearance for snowboards or tall bindings 
SKS Lock Cores included for total security 
Simple, super fast tool-free installation

Dimensions (approx):

* Total width: 920 mm

* Capacity width: 745 mm

*Height with T-Slot on Whispbar Aero type bars approx 120 mm

* Carries up to 6+ modern wide skis or x snowboards

All Whispbar products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

The other big brand carrier (727) is only 600 inside carrying capacity & will carry up to 5 modern wide skis not 6P as advertised.

* Minimum mounting width: 615mm, from outside to outside of mounting straps which wrap around the roof bars. No width problem when using with WhispBar roof racks.

The WB300 has approx 35% less surface area, has an aerodynamic shaped top & bottom so will have approx 40-50% less drag. This amounts to a saving in that ever increasing cost of fuel.

All Whispbar products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
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