Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Kayak


The most popular Tarpon ever, due to its efficient size, is rigged for adventure. The horizon is now broader with increased capacity & innovative outfitting. 
Winner of the 2008 Sea Kayaker Magazine Reader's Choice Award for Best Sit on Top Kayak. 

•Made in USA 
•Gear Storage Pockets 
•Side Carry Handles with Paddle Holder 
•8-inch Orbix Midship Hatch 
•Keepers Foot Brace System 
•SlideTrax Accessory System 
•Phase 3 SOT Seating System 
•Large Oval Orbix Bow Hatch 
•Comfort Carry Handles 
•Tankwell w/Bungee 

Length: 373cm (12'3") 
Width: 76cm 
Max Capacity: 159kg 
Deck Height: 35cm 
Weight: 29kg 
Cockpit Length: 132cm 
Cockpit Width: 51cm 
Colour: Mango, Lime (others sometimes available)  

Legendary Phase 3 SOT Seating, comfort technology meets the sit on top. Unprecedented body fit and comfort comes from an ergonomically designed seat & precision adjustment settings. The Phase 3 SOT outfitting is a key component of making the most enjoyable ride on the market. 

The Phase 3 SOT seat is engineered with a high-density foam seat for air circulation. Patented height-adjustable backrest & adjustable leg supports allow repositioning on the fly. 

The new Orbix locking hatch covers offer the ultimate storage solution on the market. The innovative “turn-&-lock” hinged hatch cover makes gear access easier than ever. 

Accessibility to storage is greatly increased by the hinged hatch cover. Securing the cover in place requires minimal effort as well, simply lock in place with the lever. 

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