Yakima Kayak Stacker

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For those who value simplicity and ease of use, the fishhook-style KayakStacker rooftop kayak mount makes it a simple task to secure up to 4 boats.

  • Non-scratch vinyl-coated steel posts
  • Versatile “arrow” top hook makes it quick and easy to tie off boats
  • Fits car rack systems with round and square crossbars
  • Vertical post-style mount for securing up to 4-kayaks carried on edge (depending on wt limit of vehicle and crossbar length). Bow/Stern Tiedowns added in 2007.

    -Great for carrying multiple whitewater boats.

    -A basic mount for all styles of kayaks.

    -Can be paired with Crossbar Pads to protect crossbar/boat and to act as shock absorber.

    General Information:
    Weight: 6 lbs.
    Height: 5" wide, 22" tall
    Capacity: Up to 4 Kayaks, depending on vehicle limitations.