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The RocketBoxPro 14 is just as wide as the 12, but has 2 more cubic feet to throw a kid up in it if they get loud and misbehave, especially if it's your neighbor's kid! Don't get us wrong, we love kids and developed this product with them in mind, so we understand the need for a large box on top. Shazam!
Cargo Capacity: 1880 X 838 X 406
14 cubic feet (74" X 33" X 16")
More room to carry just about everything in the house with you, well except the kitchen sink - great hauler for the top of a SUV, CUV, or wagon.
Carries all the gear you need to take on the mountain for a weekend of white fun - dual side opening with push buttons to access your cargo from both sides.
Security? - Included! SKS (same key system); we have you covered!
Rapid, user assembly with no tools required.

$50 cash back with this box if purchased before 24th December 2012