Yakima ShowBoat 66

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The versatile ShowBoat load-assist roller makes it painless to get your kayak on top of your vehicle - even if you're loading multiple boats onto your car rack system all by yourself. So you'll never spend the day in the hospital with a double-hernia instead of out on the water.


  • The ingenious boat load-assist roller slides out over the rear of the vehicle for easier access and vehicle protection (UP TO 86.4 cm (34”) EXTENSION FROM REAR CROSSBAR)

  • Padded for your kayak’s protection

  • Works with your existing or new kayak racks

  • Also compatible with Gunwale Brackets for easy canoe loading

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and brass hardware

  • Adjusts from side to side to help with the loading of multiple kayaks


Slide-out roller system assists in loading boats onto vehicle.

- Padded roller extends up to 86.4 cm (34") from rear crossbar
- Roller slides from side to side to allow loading of multiple boats
- Mounts directly to round, square, and many factory crossbars
- Special fasteners provide passive security. Tool for assembly and adjustment provided.
- Can be mounted under crossbars for canoe loading (to provide clearance for gunwale brackets)
- Canoe loading not permitted on factory crossbars
- Stainless steel and brass hardware for superior corrosion resistance.
- Fits Whispbar, Square Bars, Aero Bars and most Factory Bars.

WEIGHT: 8.3 kg (18.2 lbs)
DIMENSIONS: 179.1 cm (70.5") L x 113cm  (44.5") W x 5.1 cm (2") H, Roller is 112.4 cm (44¼") Wide

See video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Skl4tkLdRw