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Alpine Star

Alpine Star Diamond Pattern EasyFit SnowChains 065

Alpine Star Diamond Pattern EasyFit SnowChains 065

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* Colour coded for ease
* Single hoop on inside
* Self tightening
* No need to move car to mount
* Easy to put on
* Easy to remove
* Hardened 12mm steel links
Best of chains made in China 

size 065
14" 175/75-14, 185/70-14, 205/55-14
15" 185/60-15, 195/55-15, 205/50-15
16" 205/45-16, 215/40-16
190/65-340, 180/65-365, 190/60-365
& some other similar sizes

Not sure which size chains you need please contact us

Before using the snow chains, we advise doing a trial assembly test in safe conditions, checking, for a short stretch going slowly & that there is no interference between chain and the vehicle’s mechanical parts  

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