Anti Sway Plate

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Buzzrack Anti Sway Plate

E-Scorpion & Eazzy 4 Version. Shorter & wider.

Standard Version. All other Racks inc Buffalo

Plate and removable tongue to help stop clamp on Buzzrack bike carriers from twisting on the tow ball.

Also stops the rack undoing the tow ball

Fits between the towball and the tow bar tongue

Fits all conical clamp Buzzrack carriers including the Buffalo

Tongue can be removed with an Allen key so that a trailer can be towed

Not needed for a Euro Goose Neck tow ball or UK High Rise tow ball.

It is included in the box with the following carriers:

E-Scorpion Version fits E-Scorpion and Eazzy 4.

Standard version fits:

Scorpion (old model)

Buzzcruiser 2 and 3


Buzzybee 2 and 4 (old version)

Buzzwing 4 Compact

Eazzy 2 & 3

E-Hornet Series

New Buzzybee

Racer Series


Also fits:

Ezigrip racks

(Buzzwing 2 and 3 have a specially designed version) Also available in store $39.99