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BuzzLight Board

BuzzLight Board

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The 'Anti Ticket' item for your bike rack!

The Buzz Rack number plate holder attaches to the outermost bike on your bike rack and plugs into your trailer plug to display your bike rack number plate and also to provide an extra set of brake and indicator lights.

The BuzzRack Light Board Hanger also hooks onto most bike carriers with 2 arms.

2 Models:

Round 7 pin Euro style plug specially designed for European cars.

Flat / rectangular 7 pin NZ  style plug designed for Australasian cars.

Lighting unit specially designed for the 2 arm bike rack series.

It has large mounting holes to accommodate different width arms.

The board is made of a flexible plastic; it will bend as you want it to achieve a reasonable fit to the car rack.

Makes your bike carrier legal with the use of a supplementary number plates.

Fits arms with sizes of approx:

Width apart - 235 mm - 510 mm

Max diameter - 45 mm

Model # AA-11628

 Supplementary registration plates

Updated: 27 March 2014

Under the law, it is mandatory that a registration plate is legible and unobscured. Section 28 of the Land Transport (Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2011 allows drivers to obtain supplementary registration plates that can be attached to objects such as dog boxes or bike racks that obscure permanent registration plates.

This means drivers don’t have to remove and reattach registration plates when they carry objects that obscure them.

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