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 The BUZZSKI (Tow Ball) is a very simple and efficient tow ball mounted ski or snowboard rack for carrying a few pairs of skis or snowboards on the back of your car, SUV, Ute or van.

You can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards or some of each.

Designed to fit onto standard ISO 50 mm tow balls with a parallel neck or Euro Swan neck tow balls.

Warning: Does not fit the adjustable type of tow ball. There is too much movement and the neck shape is wrong

The Buzzski is ideal for vehicles that you can not mount a roof rack to or are too high for you to reach a ski carrier on the roof.

Number Plate Holder is sold as an accessory.


Max number of skis/snowboards: 6 pairs of ski / 3 pairs of skis and 2 snowboards / 4 snowboards
Fits bolt-on tow ball: yes, ISO 50 mm (Does not fit to adaptable or 'Multi Ball' System)
Fits swan neck tow ball: ISO 50 mm 
Weight: 15.5kg
Max load capacity: 45kg
Tilting: yes
Locking of rack: yes
Locking of skis/snowboards: yes

The maximum permitted load you can carry is also determined by the tow bar nose weight; you will need to check you don’t exceed this before using any tow ball mounted carrier.
Requires 65mm clearance from center of tow ball to rear of vehicle.

Sorry this item can not be shipped to rural locations due to size and weight. If you are rural please give us a business address in a town near you or we can ship to the closest depot.

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