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CoolKayak Deluxe Neo Seat

CoolKayak Deluxe Neo Seat

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Rigid  high back Moulded Neoprene back rest/seat for sit on top kayaks.

* Outer is Moulded Neoprene with enclosed closed cell foam padding 
* The back is rigid but flexible for support/stiffness  
* Four bronze clips to attach to the kayak
* Four fully adjustable webbing straps for:
Side support adjustment
Back support adjustment
Leg length adjustment
* Supreme comfort and support to make your kayaking an even more enjoyable experience!

 Approx Seat Size: 
* Back Height 425mm
* Back Width approx 310mm
* Total Back Width (inc sides) 620mm
* Seat Bottom Length 240-260mm
 * Seat Bottom Width 425mm 

Fits most brands of sit on top kayaks with 4 or more attachment points.
If your kayak has no attachment points we can sell you several types of screw on parts to make it fit.


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