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CoolKayak Swift Spray Deck

CoolKayak Swift Spray Deck

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This great design family touring kayak is very stable and has great features like the foot adjustable steering (rudder)

Design concept

For the perfect recreational touring kayak, look no further than the SWIFT.

Stable, spacious and reliable the SWIFT is designed with families in mind. It will take you from calm lakes to estuaries to slow moving rivers and back again, always making you feel safe and secure. With a stable hull, a large cockpit for easy access, perfect seating position it has plenty of room for your gear

It is so easy to store and lift. Given its weight and length you can pop it on the roof rack and head to the coast or lake and in no time you'll be having fun on the water.

SWIFT-Single Sit-in Sea Kayak features

a) Huge storage compartments, elliptical round rear hatch and round bow hatch. Storage for all things that you need during boating: food, water, mobile phone, camera, camping gear etc.

b) A large cockpit opening makes entry and exit easy even for the bigger person.

c) With the help of the new updated foot operated rudder system, you can change directions more easily. Included already installed.

This single sit in kayak is built with comfort in mind. A well priced sit in kayak it is a lot of fun with its short length, the ideal option for short trips in the lake or river.

An easy kayak to transport being light weight and manageable.


Size: Length 3300 x Width 670 x Height 270 mm

Cockpit Dimensions: 910 x 500 mm

Load bearing: 150 kg/330.69 lbs

Rated passenger capacity: 1 person

G.W.: 27.70 kg

Includes: Foot operated alloy rudder system

UsageFishing, Touring

Recommend users: Everyone


Blue White Blue (sold out)

 Blue White Black mix

Red Yellow (sold out)

Blue White Green

Neoprene Spray Deck available $75. Small waist size only. Approximate cockpit size 910mm long, 500mm wide. Similar to photo. (size on back says M but they are medium Chinese!!!)

 Description: Made of waterproof SBR neoprene fabric material, which is not easy to tear and is durable. With elastic and retractable belt, ensures comfortable fit and firm grip. Easy and convenient to put on and take off. Suitable for canoeing hatchway within 90x52cm/35.4x20.5inch Great accessory for kayaks/canoe/boat, allowing you to experience the fun of outdoor water sports! 

Please contact us for more info:

03 4772374 or 0274324050


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