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New Model Hitch Rack Designed To Carry E-Bikes

E-HORNET HITCH series offer convenient mounting, user-friendly functions, heavy duty construction for carrying e-bikes. The large wheel support allow stable mounting of tires up to 4″ size. The locking clamp is the perfect solution to attach the bike frame.

The HORNET H2 is a really well designed, simple and strong e-bike carrier; ease-to-use and very good value for your money.

Fitting to the car: Made to fit 2″ receiver hitches, comes with a locking hitch bolt and tool. Fits the Ford Ranger, Everest and RangeRover Sport without having to cut the hitch down.

Optional lighting system: The E-HORNET H2 was designed to receive our different lights and license plate holders. Most just screw on at the end of the frame.

Now available with lights and number plate board as a package.

Tilting: Tilting is easy, and is very well balanced even with a full load. It gives you an easy access to the boot.

  • The wheel holders will accommodate all wheelbases (not tandem!), even small children’s bikes.
  • The lockable frame arms hold your bikes securely and can be attached to any part of the frame, or the seat post. They can be locked using the same key as the hitch lock.
  • The E-HORNET H2 sits high on the hitch, well clear of speed bumps and other hazards
  • Dimensions: 127cm wide x 93cm deep.
  • Distance between bikes 28cm (centre to centre)
  • A loading ramp is available separately.


Max number of bikes: 2
Max weight per bike: 30kg
Max load capacity: 60kg
Max tire size: 4″
Fits 2″ Receiver
Weight: 16.5kg
Tilting: up for easy parking and down for boot access.
Bike carrier to car lock
Bike carrier to bike lock

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