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E-Scorpion XL2

E-Scorpion XL2

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We think that e-Scorpion XL deserves to be a top choice for anyone who wants to carry 2 bikes, especially larger, heavy bikes, electric bikes or scooters, with regular or fat tyres. It’s a hugely versatile rack that can take a big range of different types of bikes. Whatever bike you have now (or in the future) the e-Scorpion XL should be able to accommodate it.

Bike carriers that are strong enough for electric bikes tend to be pretty beefy themselves, so handling these heavier bike carriers can be awkward. The Scorpion is a solid carrier at 20.8kg, but because it folds up it’s relatively very easy to move about and to fit. It’s even got integrated transport wheels so you won’t have to do much lifting of the rack.

New Clamp System

Just wheel it to the tow ball in the folded position – lift the handle above the tow ball clamp, place it over the tow ball – you’ll be standing above the tow ball, not some distance behind it. Tighten, lock, unfold – all parts click into place, including the number plate holder.

It’s particularly easy to tilt, with the tilt control just above the number plate.

Other features and specifications:

  • The patented clamping system fits to all standards 50mm tow balls. (Not adaptable/interchangeable)
  • The Buzz e-Scorpion XL is particularly well balanced.
  • You mount it to the tow ball from folded, this gives you loads of space to fit it to the car.
  • It’s easy to fit to the tow ball. Fitting is a matter of pushing down a lever, a really quick, easy and ergonomically procedure. Turn the key and the carrier is then locked to the tow ball. Additional adjustment is included (using the small red knob), depending on the tow ball, to make sure the carrier is firm.
  • It sits high on the tow ball, well clear of speed bumps and other hazards.
  • The steel wheel holders will accommodate larger wheelbases up to 129.5cm and fat tyres up to 4.8″.
  • Ratchet straps allow a quick and secure attachment of the wheels, long straps can accommodate tyres up to 4” wide.
  • Lockable frame arms hold your bikes securely and can be attached to any part of the frame, or the seat post.
  • The upright frame can be raised so it’s suitable for bikes with very large frames. Its width makes the fit much easier for large frames.
  • It folds so you can easily store it in your boot when required.
  • An XL loading ramp is available separately.

The only e-bike rack that fits up to 4.8" tyres


Max number of bikes: 2
Max weight per bike: 30kg
Max load capacity: 60kg
Max tyre size: 4.8″
Fits 50mm ISO tow ball
Dimensions (width x depth): 127 x 69 cm
(measured from the centre of the tow ball mount to the outside edge of the number plate holder).
Weight: 20.8kg
Integrated lighting board
Lighting board plug type:  (7 pin flat plug for AUS/NZ) or Euro 7 pin round plug
Bike carrier to tow ball lock
Bike carrier to bike lock


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