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Neoprene Spraydeck CRUST is made of SUPRATEX - elastic and durable neoprene material. It can be used for touring kayaks, sea-kayaking and it is also suitable for white water. The sparydeck is fitted with a release tag in front and also with a safety release strap in the knee area. 

Available in size: CL 80 (fits cockpit 75 to 85cm), CL87 (fits cockpit 82 to 92cm) and size 94 (fits cockpit 89 to 99 cm in length)..


Cockpit sizes: CL 80, CL87 and CL94

Best fit length 80cm, 87cm, 94cm.

87 fits the Coolkayak Swift

Waist Sizes:  S - 72cm, M - 78cm, L - 85cm, XL -90cm

Colours:  Black