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This vehicle ceiling-mounted rod holder lets you carry up to 5 1-piece or 2-piece fishing rods inside your vehicle.

Installs using the factory mounting holes for your vehicle's grab handles. Push-button clamps hold the rods in place.


Model IF16 Rod Holder Dual 5

Carries up to 5 rods
Maximum carrying weight of frame section: 7kg

Both 1 piece and 2 piece rods can be used.
Sea bass, ocean and fly rods can also be carried.

Dual holder can securely carry both 1 piece and 2 piece rods.
Compatible with grip diameters up to 34mm and tip diameters up to 16mm.

Front holder is compatible with butt diameters up to 16mm and tip diameters up to 8mm.

New construction holder can be installed and removed easily.