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Inno XS400 Flush Rail Foot Pack

Inno XS400 Flush Rail Foot Pack

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These are the easiest roof racks to assemble and when you get them on they look great.

Stay height 45mm.

Max load 75 kg

Set of 4 feet.

When purchasing base racks, it also needs appropriate crossbars and hooks.

Requires the appropriate Fit Kit (sold separately)

See Inno USA Fit Guide or please contact us
Bar extrusion is eliminated to create a sense of unity.
A completely internalized design removing the need for cutting or mounting rubber plugs (bar upper and lower).

Mounting lever/knob does not require tools.
Comes with a torque knob which prevents over tightening and under tightening by turning freely when the appropriate torque is reached.

Installation Manual

We stock kits for most Audi vehicles incl the Q Series, 2018 + BMW X5, Volvo XC models and V90, Lexus, Subaru XV etc with flush roof rails.

e.g. Audi Q3/Q5 needs kit TR138 and bars RRPNZ$79

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