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Mares Bandit Sling Speargun

Mares Bandit Sling Speargun

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A fantastic entry level speargun with all the features usually found on the top level spearguns.

The Bandit sling speargun is characterised by its level of features all included for an entry level price. Australasian rigging, including Dyneema bridle, tricut 7mm finned spearshaft, sharkclip on handle, line bungee. Also features dual sling closed muzzel, extended loading plate, over-molded comfort handle and guided rail.* Guided rail only 110cm and 120cm models.

  • Ergonomic loading plate
  • Comfort grip over-molded handle
  • Toggle safety lock
  • Extruded aluminium barrel
  • Tricut 7mm spring steel shaft
  • Dyneema bridle for increased safety
  • Bungee to reduce spear bounce
  • Closed muzzle with power-up option
  • Sharkclip with swivel for easy floatline attachment
  • Monofilament line with rubber bungee at barrel end reduces shock
  • Monofilament line reduces tangling


55 cm, 75 cm, 95 cm , 110 cm , 120 cm 

The length is the bungee stretch measured from the front to the shafts rear sling hook

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