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Mares Flexa DS 5mm Neo Kayak / Dive Boots

Mares Flexa DS 5mm Neo Kayak / Dive Boots

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A truly versatile and hard wearing boot that will not disappoint. 

Mares Flexa DS Boots 

This neoprene zip boot has a rubber sole and reinforced heel, ideal foot protection when launching your jetski, boat, going snorkeling or diving. Also great for many other watersports inc yachting, surfing, kayaking, Waka Ama & fishing. 

The exclusive design of the sole features a system of drainage grooves (DS Draining System), which prevent the suction effect between boot and foot pocket. 
Donning and doffing a fin becomes much easier. Ideal for those who have to cover large distances on foot to the dive site. 
The slightly stiffer sole transfers more power to your fins saving you more energy for an extended dive. 

Features : 
* Thickness: 5mm Neoprene 
* DS Drainage System 
* Chunky, Hardwearing Zip 
* Sole: Durable, Semi-Hard Sole 
* Max Comfort: Designed to achieve the utmost comfort during the dive, in the boat & when moving around on dry land. 
* Best Fit: Optimised fitting system makes the boots easy to put on & helps them adhere to the foot, ensuring complete control over the fining action at all times. 
* Hi Protection: Various materials for maximum thermal protection & resistance to abrasions: anti-slip, light, sturdy sole  

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