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Mares Tana SF Mask

Mares Tana SF Mask

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From a name you can trust. 

Mares Tana Silicone Spear Fishing / Snorkeling / Scuba / Diving Mask 

Its highly ergonomic shape adapts to all face types. The skirt is made of very soft hypoallergenic liquid silicone. The reduced distance between the eyes and the lenses guarantees an optimum field of vision. The system of pockets around the nose makes the skirt more flexible and makes equalizing easier. 
Mounting the quick-adjusting buckles on the skirt makes the mask even more comfortable. The “soft-touch” anti-reflective pockets make it simpler to reposition the mask and make it a discreet operation when hole fishing. 

The Mares Tana Mask for scuba and freediving is a very low volume twin lens mask perfectly suited to Freediving. It's low profile design ensures reduced drag and reduced internal volume and a surprisingly wide field of vision. Also features hypoallergenic silicone and an easy feather touch adjustable buckle/mask strap system. 

For medium to larges faces. 

Colours available: Brown, Black

* 100% hypo allergenic silicone 
* Quick adjusting straps 
* Wide field of vision 
* Hard travel case included 

* 2 year warranty 
* CE certified 
* ISO certified 9001:2000 

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