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ProRack WhispBar Yakima Roof Rack Kit

ProRack WhispBar Yakima Roof Rack Kit

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Can be viewed in store in Dunedin. Most other kits are available. Please ask if yours is not on the list. We may have it in store or it may take a couple of extra days to get your kit from the warehouse.

When placing your order please select the appropriate kit from the list

This sale is for the kit that attaches to the P-Bar, Whispbar or WhispBar HD roof rack system

The kit is the adapter set that is designed to match with your vehicle. It is the bottom part of photo 1 & comes in many styles like the one shown.

Whispbar Roof Bars - the quiet choice

Being forced to listen to the whistle of your roof racks on a long road trip is not a pleasant experience. Relax, ProRack has solved the problem with Whispbar. The amazing Whispbar is the world’s first truly quiet removable roof rack, making your journey much more enjoyable. Whispbar is so quiet you won’t even know it’s there.

Super Adaptable…

The Whispbar roof racks are super adaptable. The innovative Smartfoot system adapts and transfers simply to virtually any vehicle, making it easy and inexpensive to fit to a different car.

The fundamental discoveries in the development of Whispbar were made during hours of meticulous research and testing in the wind tunnel at the Canterbury University. Without this critical phase in the development of Whispbar it would not have been possible to break new ground in creating the world's first silent roof rack.
* ISO 9001
* 3 year warranty

WhispBar Video

 Some kits would have to come from the warehouse if we do not have them in store and this could take a few days extra to deliver

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