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The all-new 2023 KD Thrasher is helping to rewrite everything you thought you knew about wake skates, with its unique triple finned thruster layout and simplified rocker like it blurs the line between surfing & skateboarding.

The thinned out 9x layer maple construction and flat top deck make the KD Thrasher a highly manoeuvrable board that remains stable underfoot, so you’ll never feel like the boards getting away from you. Not everyone aims for kickflips & pop shuvits, some people like to loosen their trucks off and flow when they get on their skates and the Thrasher’s bevelled rail & .8” tall hook fins allows gliding soul turns without a worry in the world. It also includes one .8" fin in the front for if you fail to make the complete 360!

Forget sloppy shoes or messy board wax because thanks to the full-length EVA pad traction will never be an issue and for the rider who wants to leverage the biggest cutbacks the Thrasher even features a surf styled tail wedge so you can plant that back foot smack the lip like a pro.

Length 43"

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