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Veriga Stop N Go 7

Veriga Stop N Go 7

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Chain with an inner tyre clearance of only 7 mm. Designed for cars where a lack of clearance makes it impossible to fit regular snow chains.

Made of special twisted chain ensuring optimal performance.

One patented self-tensioning and self-centring “STOP&GO” device. Stopping the vehicle and tensioning the chain is not required.

Approved in accordance with the ON V5117 standard.

• Running surface in rhomboid shape made of special alloy steel with twisted links for safe grip on snow and ice.

• High quality heat treatment – carburising.

• Auto-locking device.

• Ergonomic and colour-coded parts with easy to follow fitting instructions and plastic gloves for a fast, easy and clean fitting.

• Polymeric tensioning chain stopper helps to preserve the rim.

Supplied in a handy and elegant semi-rigid carrying case with velcro for safer storage in the boot.

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