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Inno Wedge 660

Inno Wedge 660

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Wedge 660 Cargo Box

The length of this box ideally matches medium to large SUVs & Wagons and is designed for those who want a low profile sleek box.

It's unique SPM base construction is lighter and up to 50% stronger than a conventional cargo box.

It cuts through the wind with sleek aerodynamics, ultra-modern stealth like designs that produce a better L/Km.

The Wedge also includes the new twist mount system for easy installation, and the Safety Lock System – the key can only be removed once the box is locked.

  • Fits aero, square, round and most factory cross bars.
  • Capacity:  300 Litres (11cu.ft)
  • Dual side opening for easier loading and unloading.
  •  Length 203 cm x Width 84 cm x Height 28 cm (L 80" × W 33" × H 11")
  • Height from Cross bar:  245 mm
  • Interior length: 183 cm (72")
  • Maximum loading capacity:  75 kg
  • Product weight:  19 kg (42 lbs)
  • New Swing Mount allows you to install or remove a cargo box in seconds making the use of the cargo box hassle free.
  • For additional security, the key can only be removed once the lid has been closed all the way.
  • Colours: Black, White

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