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Weissenfels Automatika M91S

Weissenfels Automatika M91S

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A new frontal snow chain from WEISSENFELS!

The Weissenfels M91S Automatika is designed especially for cars and SUV's that have limited clearance on the top inside edge of the front wheels. Ideal for vehicles which have a "No fit" for traditional chains.

Weissenfels have developed the new M91 Automatika in conjunction with their sister company Rud Chains Gmbh and it is an updated version of the popular Quattro.

The Automatika incorporates the Rud Centrax chain system with special fixing adaptors that are attached on to one of the vehicle's front wheel studs in advance of their use. This means that once set up, the chains can be fitted in a matter of seconds, whenever needed. As soon as the vehicle starts moving, the chains automatically locate on the tyre. The adaptors can be installed at the beginning of winter, ensuring your snow chains are always instantly ready for use.

The Automatika is one of the only chains of this type that can be used on unsealed roads so is the Go-To for your car or SUV with large mags. Not designed for off road use. Extreme care is needed when not using on snow or ice so as to not damage them on rocks and stones. Warranty extends to normal snow/ice use only.

An easy and quick assembly system.

  • Chains links made of case hardened high quality steel
  • Advanced technology joint with special materials
  • The regulation systems allows fitting on several tyre sizes
  • Patented fitting system 
  • Total absence of components on the inner side of the tyre
  • Ultra rapid easy installation and removal
  • Automatic self-centering and auto chain tensioning as you drive. Cannot come loose!
  • No chain projection behind the tyre. Fits cars with limited clearance behind the wheel and tyre
  • No chain contact with the rims. No risk of damaging alloy wheels
  • Combination of chain, grip plates and ice studs ensure excellent traction on snow and ice covered sealed or unsealed roads
  • Continuous chain pattern gives smooth running on snow and ice
  • Suitable for cars fitted with ABS brakes & EPS traction control
  • Supplied as a pair of chains for fitment to two wheels
  • Homologations/Certifications/Conformity: ON-N 2007 149, CUNA NC 178-01, UNI 11313

Maximum inside clearance: 0 mm

Self tensioning devices: 1 - With Clack & Go technology

ABS compatible

ESP compatible

Comes in a handy carry case

 Fits these depending on tyre sizes:

Volvo XC40, XC60, XC90, etc

Volkswagen Tiguan, Touareg, etc

Audi A4, A6, A7, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, E-Tron, etc

RangeRover, Sport, Evoque, Velar, Discovery Sport, Discovery, etc

Skoda Kamiq, Kodiaq, Karoq SUV's

Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Gulia

Jaguar SUV's





Maserati Levante

And other exotic vehicles

Automatika Video

For tyre size chart click here


Suitable for tire sizes:


315 / 35 - 21, 275 / 35 - 222, 285 / 35- 22 RSQ7


  • 17
  • 18
  • 19" rims: 265/55 19, 255/50 19
  • 20" rims: 255 / 55R20, 275 / 50R20, 285 / 45R20, 295 / 45R20
  • 21" rims: 265 / 45R21, 275 / 45R21
  • 22" rims : 275 / 40R22, 285 / 40R22
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