WhispBar S11w FlushBar Rack Rear Cargo Ford Ranger WildTrak


WhispBar FlushBar Rack 2016 FORD RANGER WILDTRAK (REAR CARGO) 4 DOOR UTE 2012 - 2016 (TRACKS)

                                         Complete with fitting kit

New colour Whispbar Black Edition now available in this rack

                            Limited numbers available.

The perfect setup for carrying a little extra gear on the back of your Ute.

Easy to move forward or back & to take off for carrying larger loads.

Also available for other versions of the Ranger & other brand Utes.

The Flush Bar seamlessly blends with your vehicle's design while providing superior aerodynamic performance, lowest overall drag and quietest ride available.


Get all the utility of a roof rack without sacrificing style. Introducing the Flush bar—a design that seamlessly integrates with your WildTrak's  rear cargo track slot, creating a sleek yet sporty silhouette. Engineered to exact specifications to provide the lowest drag and reduced noise levels to nearly zero.

  • Aerodynamic profile reduces noise and decreases drag up to 70%
  • Installs with vehicle specific SmartFoot® fitting kit
  • T-slot for seamless mounting of Whispbar accessories
  • SmartFill® technology allows for fast install of accessories
  • PerformaRidge controls laminar airflow over the bar to decrease drag and wind noise
  • Includes Integrated Lock System (ILS)

Various accessories also available

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