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Yakima WhispBar Flush Bar Roof Rack

Yakima WhispBar Flush Bar Roof Rack

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Please ring in store for availability and possible delivery dates.

For a seamless look and quiet ride

See to see which one is correct for your vehicle.

Can be viewed instore in Dunedin.

Once you have purchased your rack system, please select the appropriate kit from the list or contact us in store, sold separately.

This sale is for the a Silver Yakima Whispbar Flushbar foot pack & bar set

Black bar version and other sizes available in store.

Yakima Whispbar Roof Bars - the quiet choice 

Being forced to listen to the whistle of your roof racks on a long road trip is not a pleasant experience. Relax, ProRack has solved the problem with Whispbar. The amazing Whispbar is the world’s first truly quiet removable roof rack, making your journey much more enjoyable. Whispbar is so quiet you won’t even know it’s there. 

Super Adaptable… 

The Yakima Whispbar roof racks are super adaptable. The innovative Smartfoot system adapts and transfers simply to virtually any vehicle, making it easy and inexpensive to fit to a different car. 

The fundamental discoveries in the development of Whispbar were made during hours of meticulous research and testing in the wind tunnel at the Canterbury University. Without this critical phase in the development of Whispbar it would not have been possible to break new ground in creating the world's first silent roof rack. 

  • Aerodynamic profile reduces noise and decreases drag up to 70%
  • Installs with vehicle specific Whispbar SmartFoot fitting kit
  • T-slot for seamless mounting of Whispbar accessories
  • Whispbar SmartFill technology allows for fast install of accessories
  • PerformaRidge controls laminar airflow over the bar to decrease drag and wind noise
  • Includes Integrated Lock System (ILS). Lock your rack and accessories simply with one key for all your Whispbar & Yakima product. Matching cores can be purchased for a small fee.
  • Locks come standard, compatible with other Whispbar & Yakima accessories. 
  • ISO 9001
  • All Whispbar products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Bar Lengths: S4W  900 mm, S5W  950 mm, S6W  1000 mm, S7W  1050 mm, S8W  1100 mm

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