Yakima Wheelhouse Wheel Carrier

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The Wheelhouse carries your front bike wheel on your roof racks when using a forkmount carrier.

NEW! A premium, universal wheel fork for the new bike axle standards. The universal SpinVice™ clamp works on all crossbar shapes and is compatible with an SKS lock.

  • Suitable for wheels up to 29” (740mm) in diameter, and 3” (76mm) wide
  • Folds down easily when not in use
  • Universal bar attachment with SpinVice™ clamps
  • Perfect partner to ForkLift™
  • Dual retention of wheel via axle and ZipStrips™
  • Possible to lock to bar with optional SKS lock
  • Works with all new wheel and axle sizes

WEIGHT: 1.0 kg (2.3 lbs)
DIMENSIONS: 48.2 cm (19") L x 22.8 cm (9") W x 12.7 cm (5") D

RRP NZD $99.00

PRODUCT #8002108